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Entertainment Industry Illustration Ideas


So you want to be an Illustrator? Then tap into an extensive world of captivating visual ideas generated to help you practice and develop a range of generic, fantasy or sci-fi based illustrations.

These visual concepts are influenced by some of the best creative illustrators and aligned with industry standard briefs to help you focus on fundamental illustration requirements. This Illustration idea generator will prompt criteria inspired by the likes of Magic the Gathering, Legend of the Cryptids, Applibot and more! In order to create compelling artworks you need a good level of technical ability which comes through learning art fundamentals, continuous practice and then there are all the other elements that when fused together help to form a believable story encapsulated in a single image; an illustration.

Story is always the driving force in any illustration, and this is exactly what these illustration art prompts help you with. They’ll guide you towards creating unique story based artwork by prompting the variables you need to connect. It’s during this concept development process that you really start to think about what you are trying to communicate to your audience! When following specific criteria it helps you to stay true to the visual idea, and the illustration you envision is derived from these carefully crafted and themed variables that randomly generate to create something completely original. These story starting points ultimately encourage you to make sense of and bridge the gaps which conditions your ideation process, essentially enabling you to visualize and create a unique and compelling illustration that people can believe in because it has been well thought out.

These illustration art prompts boost your process, as you’ll begin to ask yourself questions about how the Main focus is related to the Setting, or what does the Key Feature have to do with the story? Or further still, how does the Mood emphasize the Story Theme? Hundreds of the best Fantasy Art and Sci-Fi illustrations have been analysed and these generators streamline the criteria they generally have in common having been produced for clients that most artists can only dream of working for.

From Applibot to Hearthstone, these ideas are ultimately geared towards producing compelling artworks and illustrations for some of the illustration industry's most iconic Intellectual Properties, especially for Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

A little more about our Illustration Art Prompt Ideas:

  • Fantasy Illustration Ideas

    Fantasy Illustration Ideas

    There’s a certain approach that the best Fantasy Illustrations tend to have in common, and these Fantasy Art Prompts help you to manifest ideas that march your art closer towards a masterful illustration that everyone likes! You’ll be prompted with mythical main focus criteria supported by magical settings, visual assets and story moments that work together for you to practice industry specific artwork for various clients and media.


  • Sci-Fi Illustration Ideas

    Sci-Fi Illustration Ideas

    Blast off, or be teleported into a world of Sci-Fi illustrations which are just as popular as Fantasy art, so you can expect similar illustration art prompts and ideas except they’re completely geared towards science fiction themes. You might be required to draw an ‘apocalyptic ranger’ wandering ‘the desert’ intended for a ‘book cover’, or an ‘undead warrior’ set on a ‘spacecraft’ with the story theme ‘abandon ship’.


  • Epic Illustration Ideas

    Epic Illustration Ideas

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art just got more epic with these Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art Prompts! Instead of drawing a single subject such as a Dark Priest or Cyborg, you’ll likely get a group of Futuristic Bandits or Ancient Dwarf armies. Take your time when constructing these epic illustrations as you’ll be prompted to specifically focus on epic foreground and background elements; it’s a unique process to develop your art and illustration skills further.

    | Epic Fantasy Illustrations
    | Epic Sci-Fi Illustrations
  • Stylized Illustration Ideas

    Stylized Illustration Ideas

    The most defining factor of these illustration briefs are the visual design themes that you’ll be encouraged to recreate and develop your own personal style from. Being able to adapt your illustrations to multiple art styles is extremely useful and makes you more valuable as a paid artist. These illustration ideas are also broadly generic revolving around a variety of subjects and criteria which will also help to develop your artistic skills.


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